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Conrad Lin
Conrad Lin
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May 9, 2022
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Spring is a magical time. It's the month where life really comes into full bloom, and ushers in growth. This season, we’re sharing exciting new developments that will help the family level up, and we want you to be a big part of our future. The theme of this quarter is opportunity - and the best way to grasp it is by co-creating and collaborating together.

Agency and Consistency

One of the most transformative moments of my life was when I realized that we have control over how we react to a situation and what we do about it - and that directly affects the outcome of what we achieve for ourselves.

The world isn’t always fair. That’s a fact. However, a worthy challenge is what gives life true meaning. Having clarity over what we can do to improve the situations we find ourselves in + being consistent with our efforts to take action = a path to a better life.

It’s with these principles in mind that our systems were created by the community, for the community. We intricately designed every facet of our resources to help anybody break down complex challenges and turn them into simple, digestible tasks - with clear vision of the goal (why?) and area of life it will improve.

This quarter, we’ve released new versions of our Notion systems taking advantage of features from the Better Databases update. We’ve spent hundreds of hours on this upgrade, improving it with the feedback from our family to provide you with the meaningful results you desire. You can learn more about that by reading our update notes here.

Being Tool Agnostic

We are continuously testing and innovating with new systems and resources to improve people's lives. We are tool agnostic, which means that we are flexible on which tool will help us achieve what we want with our systems. We recognize that while Notion is a terrific tool for life organization, it may not be the best tool for every single person in our community.

There's something comforting also about jotting your plans down with pen and paper. It can make them feel within reach and less daunting to take on. For this reason, we've created the Planalog - our very first physical planner that takes the best aspects of our digital systems into an analog format.

It’s a beginner friendly way to start success planning with intention, and can also be used as a side companion to your digital systems. If you want to get a head start, we're currently taking a limited number of pre-orders, to be fulfilled later this month. We’ll have a full video coming this week explaining all about it, so do keep an eye out on our Youtube channel!

Another tool that we’re expanding to is Airtable. A few months ago, we released a basic Gamification template to our patrons to try it out and it was very well received. If you use Airtable and want to try it out for yourself, check out the livestream where we built it and grab the download link. We’ll have an enhanced version release in the coming month, so stay tuned for the full launch when it comes!

Many community members including myself have been obsessed with Obsidian lately, and we are excited to share with you how we use it to connect thoughts between our notes, journals, and learnings. We’re building a collaborative community digital garden - and you can expect a video and detailed guide from us on how you can use Obsidian in your own workflows soon.

Meaningful Collaborations

Here in the community, we believe that contributing to others is the way to live a meaningful, fulfilled life and achieve happiness. Thus, we actively collaborate with each other to positively impact the world.

Since our inception, we’ve been fighting world bosses together by building meaningful tools to help people level up, creating physical spaces for growth and learning around the world, and so much more.

This season, we’re announcing Life Points (LP), a way to help the community keep track of their active participation in making the world a better place. Earn LP by participating in world bosses and completing missions together with the family. You’ll be able to spend LP in the makework.fun shop when it launches to get exclusive rewards and also barter with other family members to help each other on your growth journey.

Check out our World Bosses to learn more about how you can get involved and get ready to earn your first LP.

Growing The Family

We’re always trying to upgrade our community experience so that we can have more meaningful conversations and know that we don’t have to struggle alone. We recently found a brand new space for us to make virtual interactions more human and do more than just talk. In our Gather space, we can create virtual avatars to walk around in the ‘Guild’, see and talk with each other, show off your work, play games, and even meditate.

We’ve had our last few Sunday Council Meetings in the Gather space, including meeting #100 (WOW!) and have been actively using it for co-working, studying, and having meaningful discussions. After sharing with the Gather team about our community, they were generous enough to sponsor us for the rest of the year to promote our vision of how we can grow and learn as a community - online.

We’re also hosting our first public event ever in Gather later this month, limited to the first 150 people who sign up - so submit your requests here for our topics here.

We hope that our continuous development of our tools and systems continues to help you grow and bring you closer to the success you want in your life. We’re gearing this season to deliver more content for you to level up through videos, social media, and more - so definitely subscribe to our Co-x3 Youtube channel, Family Youtube Channel, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. We've recently started posting #valuebombs from our Sunday Council Meetings on our social medias - follow us on our socials to never stop learning!

And last but not least, the cumulation of 6 months of hard work has just come to fruition and our merch store is now open to help you stay focused on what matters most to you!

We’d love to see you dressed up in your favorite gear and learn how you’re living intentionally and making work fun the next time we talk. Until then, happy adventuring!

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