#65 - Empowerment

Conrad Lin
Conrad Lin
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July 31, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • This week in our ​learning space​, explore how to not let feelings get in the way of your own happiness and success.
  • Ever wanted to live in Japan? Check out this ​easy hack​ that allows you to for up to a year!
  • By popular demand, we’ve created a donations page for our community members to directly support our vision. ​Learn why its important →​

Dear Comrades,

Empowerment is more than a buzzword; it’s a transformative concept that ignites personal growth, emotional resilience, and a sense of agency over one’s life. By embracing empowerment, individuals are equipped with the tools and mindset to take charge of their journey, make meaningful choices, and create positive change both within themselves and their communities.

Knowledge To Level Up 📚

🗓️ Building A Personal AI Assistant For The Make Work Fun App Part 2 (Ep. 120)

Have you ever wanted a personal assistant that knows everything about you and helps guide your next steps forward? Join us this week as we build an AI assistant integration with the Make Work Fun app.

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📚 Practice Letting Go

We all encounter stressors in our lives, and anxiety often comes knocking at our door uninvited. Yet, one of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety is to acknowledge our limitations and learn the art of 'letting go'. Here's a simple yet powerful process to help you do just that:

1. Distinguish between Controllable and Uncontrollable:

Life throws at us a myriad of situations, and while we can control some, others lie…

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📚 Keeping Cool: Mastering Your Emotions Amidst Unmet Expectations

Often, feelings of frustration and annoyance originate from the gap between our expectations and reality. While it's human nature to have expectations, becoming overly invested in them can lead to emotional upheaval when they are not met. Here are some effective strategies on how to manage emotions, let go of rigid expectations, and increase your emotional resilience:

  1. Acknowledge Your Expectations: The first step in letting go of expectations is to…

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Take Action On Your Learning 🧰

🧰 Reward Consistency With Gamify Your Life

Incentivize yourself to do your daily quests and finish your reflections by integrating loot boxes into your life. It’s a template included with the FREE Gamify Your Life template found in the Co-x3 Toolbox, alongside other useful gamification tools like item shops, leaderboards, and more!

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🧰 The Easy Hack to live in Japan for a year by Conrad

I was talking to foreigners who were moving to Japan, and they recommended I check out The Working Holiday Visa which is available for citizens of certain countries, under 30 years old!

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Never Struggle Alone 🤗

📢 Embracing Our Non-Profit Mission: Our New Donations Page…

When we got our non-profit status a few months ago, we cried with joy - because it allows us to do so much more, and gives us a stamp of confidence that we’re all in for the community.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to utilize our unique position as a community of co-creators and collaborators to really make a difference, and your support has allowed us to provide value, innovate, and grow, all while staying true to our core mission of helping those who need it most.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce updates that enhance our connection with you and enable us to do even more…

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⭐ Brand New Video Series Launching On Sunday

We’ve embarked on a journey to live our best life every day, and this season, we’re traveling around Japan, focusing on a new aspect of life improvement every week. Our first video for the week is launching on Sunday on ​YouTube​.

We’ll be posting behind the scenes content all week, including full interviews and uncut specials in our VIP patron space - so don’t miss out and stay tuned!

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Wall Of Love

Sage warmed our hearts this week when they shared their ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review about our templates. Here’s what they had to say.

I love the idea of gamification! It has helped me through massive hurdles where I would just get “stuck” and not be able to do anything productive.

Thank you, Sage, for your kind words. They mean a lot to us! Our goal is to help everyone overcome hurdles and boost productivity in a fun and engaging way. Hearing how instrumental our templates have been in helping you through challenging moments makes our day.

We feel blessed every time we read a comment or receive a new email with such kind words – thank you so much for being awesome! If you have words to share - leave a review here!

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