#66 - Just Do It

Conrad Lin
Conrad Lin
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August 7, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • This week, join us as we kick off our highly anticipated new video series, Live Your Best Life.
  • Get started with our vision board template for FREE by building it into your system yourself.
  • We’ve been having a lot of activity in our metaverse - join us if you want to co-work and get accountability & motivation towards your tasks

Dear Comrades,

I made a huge, positive change in my life recently and I wanted to share with you all in hopes that perhaps it might be helpful for your life as well.

Our fears and quest for perfection often hold us back, from taking action. It can get even worse when our brain chooses to magnify our worries, and introduce anxiety into our day. For a while, I chose to listen to those fears, and didn’t express myself creatively for the last year.  We didn’t post any new articles and videos, other than the learnings and livestreams I share with the community.

I recently have adopted a new practice of focusing on what positives could come out of an action, rather than dwelling on the potential negatives. It’s helped me tremendously to hit publish this last week, and share an article and video series that I’ve been looking to post for a long time. I’m very excited for the coming year, as I foresee a lot of action on many important areas of my life that I have been holding back in.

If you’re ever in the position of second guessing your decisions - my advice? Just do it.

Knowledge To Level Up 📚

🎬 Discovering How to Love Myself In Japan | Live Your Best Life

What does it mean to love yourself in the context of Japanese culture? This week, we're exploring self-love.

Live Your Best Life is an initiative by the Co-x3 Family (https://x3.family) where community members worldwide are encouraged to document their transformative journeys. By sharing our personal tales of wins and learnings, we aim to inspire and guide those yearning for positive change in their own lives.

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🗓️ Building A Personal AI Assistant For The Make Work Fun App Part 2 (Ep. 120)

Have you ever wanted a personal assistant that knows everything about you and helps guide your next steps forward? Join us this week as we build an AI assistant integration with the Make Work Fun app.

Unfortunately we've been having issues live streaming on our travel data - we'll postpone this until we have stable internet. RSVP to be notified when we go live!

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📚 2022 In Review - How To Love by Conrad

This time last year, I was pushing for growth - on a mission to optimize myself, everything, and everyone around me. I thought that was the best way I could give back to the world, because I believe that my intrinsic value is to help others achieve their potential.

This determination was magnified when I found my personal definition of love this year - choosing to support others in their growth and wellbeing. But in my desire to help, I overlooked a vital reality: everyone needs different type of support at different times - and that’s okay.

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📚 You're Probably Overthinking It

Sometimes, the walls we perceive to hurdle over are but mirages of our overactive minds. Our imagination, while a powerful tool, can inadvertently magnify the complexity of tasks, leading us to dread the effort even before attempting. An interesting case in point was my recent experience in a hostel.

The first night I checked in, I was convinced that the bathroom was located downstairs…

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Take Action On Your Learning 🧰

🧰 Build A Vision Board Into Your System

Have you ever tried using a vision board before, and felt it lacking to truly motivate you towards your ideal life? A few weeks ago, we combined Tim Ferris’ Dreamlining and concepts from Ali Abdaal’s Business Coaching video to create a vision board that actually works and connects with your areas of competence.

We won’t be releasing this template until Q4, so to make sure our community members can benefit from it in the time being, we’ve documented how to build it in our update notes so that you can start integrating it into your system today.

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Never Struggle Alone 🤗

🎉 Side Project Palooza 16, 17, and 18! 🔥 🎉 🤩

In the last 3 paloozas, our community members have had so much progress. Joshwin has enhanced the Co-x3 Digital Garden by mading backend adjustments, and more, all while refining his own productivity system. Christiaan plotted his upcoming two-week strategies, while Ashley's been hard at work on the PieceCard component and the Notes page. Ben made noteworthy contributions by developing and refining components for the Digital Garden. Keep it up friends! 🚀🌱

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🤗 Our Metaverse Has Been Active This Week!

If you find yourself needing some motivation or accountability during your day, feel free to tune into the Co-x3 Metaverse to co-work together with other community members. It’s seen a lot of use this week for getting work done, self-reflections, and more - just simply ping in the Tavern when you’re jumping in, and connect!

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Wall Of Love

Trinama warmed our hearts this week when they shared their ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review about our templates. Here’s what they had to say.

I love the L-CTRL package and the sense of accountability and community it provides. I am most productive when I feel like I'm contributing to a greater cause, so I wanted to try out what you all have going on!

Thank you, Trinama, for your kind words. They mean a lot to us! We continuously strive to deliver quality and value, and it's feedback like yours that motivates us to keep pushing forward. We're thrilled that the L-CTRL package resonates with your drive for productivity and community. Here's to many more successes together! 🎉🙌

We feel blessed every time we read a comment or receive a new email with such kind words – thank you so much for being awesome! If you have words to share - leave a review here!

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