The 4 Mindsets You NEED for Change in 2020

Conrad Lin
Conrad Lin
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August 24, 2020
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How do we bring people together from all walks of life? What do sustainable movements all have in common? Vibrant communities are built when its members believe in a fundamental idea that triggers shared mindsets and outcomes. This is the secret that has enabled humans to build sustainable social groups that last decades, if not centuries and accomplish lasting change.

Beliefs hold countries together. Beliefs hold startups together. And most importantly, beliefs hold us together.

Our family consists of business owners, consultants, developers, doctors, lawyers, personal trainers, students, and many other professions. We have members from 21 different countries, ages ranging from 16 to 66! So, how do people with such seemingly different backgrounds and problems empathize, learn from each other, and succeed?

We believe the fundamental ideas that we can make work fun to get stuff done, and that we can and should live meaningful, intentional lives. As a result, we share the mindsets that we can constantly grow, to prioritize truth over opinions, and to be helpful wherever we can.

These mindsets trigger the shared objectives to relentlessly pursue productivity, growth, and learning, by co-creating and collaborating on innovative ways to solve everyday challenges.

Mindsets Predict Behaviour

Our brains make a lot of mistakes. They're called cognitive biases. Facing an overload of stimuli every day, our brains take mental shortcuts to make faster decisions, but not necessarily better ones. When we interact with the world, we make decisions every second about the company we keep. We rely on outward-facing cues to determine if we should associate with the people we meet, and often use static variables like interests, education, race, religion, hometown, age, etc, to make assumptions about how they think and behave.

The fundamental mistake that we make is guessing that if others are interested in the same things we are or have similar attributes, they think like we do! But, this is flawed - they may have a better chance of thinking like we do, but fundamentally, it's mindsets that really tell the tale behind what we say and what we do.

When we use static variables to judge others, we tend to err on the side of caution with the unknown, and if someone has similar attributes as we do, we tend to go all-in, and hold expectations of how they will think and behave. This is obviously dangerous in today's global society, as avoiding the unknown is simply prejudice, and assuming that everybody who is similar to you thinks like you do is a recipe for disaster.

To overcome this cognitive bias, we refer to First Principles. A first principle is a basic proposition or assumption that cannot be deduced from any other proposition or assumption. When we are studying static variables in an attempt to deduce a person's behaviour, we are actually looking downstream of the underlying cause. Mindsets are like systems. They are mental tools that process the world for you, and dictate how you will perceive situations and behave accordingly.

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First Principles Thinking was introduced by Aristotle...

Having the right mindset (or you can think of them as value systems) can make your life 100x better. You can overcome challenges, reduce conflicts, and live a more fulfilled life. And when you interact with others with the same mindsets, your static variables don't matter - you can be different ages, race, religion, etc, but because you fundamentally behave the same way in crisis, you understand each other and can communicate on deeper levels.

The Mindsets We Value

Growth Mindset

“In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.

Read 'Mindset by Carol Dweck' →

Having a growth mindset in our community means that we are not limiting ourselves. We believe that every moment is a learning opportunity, and no matter what is shared, we are eager to explore it. We crave knowledge, and our community is a garden for innovative new ideas and learning to grow.

Truth Mindset

We try to be honest as often as we can, so we can achieve our true goals and find more meaning in our lives. Lying to ourselves only cheats us out of our future.

In every debate or conversation, we treat what we currently know as theories to be proven, and are pleased to be proven wrong - because it means we learned something new. Every discussion is an opportunity to find the truth.

Having a truth mindset in our community enables us to have meaningful discourse without egos in our way. There's always a fine line between healthy discourse and hurtful, opinionated arguments. We always try to find the truth, no matter what. Every new idea is a chance for us to improve our understanding of the world, so we are eager to explore all viewpoints.

"There's what you know, what I know, and the truth."

Give, Not Take

Over the years, we've observed countless situations where family, friends and strangers demonstrate their enormous capacity to give and constantly innovate ways to be helpful. It's been a tremendous delight every time we come across such interactions, as it serves a positive reminder of the social fabric that holds us together.

When givers are provided meaningful opportunities to give - they find themselves highly successful as they find their meaning and bursts of energy while giving. However, if they do it without taking care of themselves, they compromise themselves and lose efficiency.

Learn how we help givers give →

So, within the Co-x3 Family, we've created an environment where it's encouraged to be helpful wherever we can, and push each other to be the best version of ourselves, while watching out to make sure that we are always taking care of ourselves too (because givers can forget about that!).

Seek Discomfort

We constantly strive to challenge ourselves, and get out of our comfort zones. The more time we spend being uncomfortable, the faster our comfortable zone expands. Maximum growth occurs when we leave our comfort zones to investigate chaos and find interesting and new ways to solve problems that we would not have found before. We are anchored and supported by the community while we conduct exploratory missions and share with everybody what we have learned.

Strong Mindsets Make The World A Better Place

When you concentrate on discovering the fundamentals underneath and ignore the static variables, you'll realize that you become more open to others. It's very difficult to hold generalized opinions and stereotypes about groups of people when you understand that static variables do not predict behaviour, it's the mindsets that do. And if we can discover the mindsets of the people around us, we can understand how to get along.

We've created a meaningful framework to help you ask good questions to not only better understand the company you keep, but yourself as well. Check it out here 👇

Mindsets also trigger shared outcomes. We all want to be more productive, grow, and learn. We know that Co-x3 is the place to do that, and put all our energy into building our family. What other mindsets do you live by? Let us know in the comments below.

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