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Creating impact projects to effect positive change on the world.

Co-x3 Family Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in USA. Learn more ->

Gamify Your Life

#theGamificationProject transforms you into your favorite game character, turning tedious tasks into fun and engaging quests that build up your skill tree and includes live leaderboard functionalities to promote friendly competitions between friends, family, and community.

Users: 10,000+

5 Star Reviews: 300+

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Be Intentional

Being intentional means always knowing the Why, What, and How behind everything you do. We built a template series designed around this life framework to help individuals achieve their goals and find more meaning in their lives.

Users: 5,000+

5 Star Reviews: 100+

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Auxiliary Templates

Many of us go through life wanting to do more, and we’ve found the best way to retain knowledge is through experiential learning - meaning that we are putting to action what we have learned. Thus, we built templates to help our community be as effective as possible in our daily lives.

Users: 500+

5 Star Reviews: 50+

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LVL-UP Course

From managing your day-to-day, to tracking your big insights and ideas, we helped our students follow through on their big, long-term goals by helping them build their own effective personal & business management systems.

Students: 36+

Completion: 100%

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We created a monthly / annual subscription plan for members that want to support us long term on a recurring basis. We support our patrons by bundling up our products to provide them meaningful and relevant tools to support them on their growth journey.

Patrons: 500+

Top Streak: 36 months+

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Make Work Fun

We built a fair-code application that gamified your productivity tools like Notion and unlocked multiplayer for personal development. Players are able to turn tasks into wins, embark on party quests together with their friends, and compete on a global leaderboard.

Players: 1,800+

EXP Earned: 3,000,000+

Lines Of Code: 35,000+

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Our Family Without Borders

We value having physical spaces where we can do our best work and progress together on our growth journey towards self-actualization. Thus, we have fostered happy, healthy environments to co-live and co-work together around the world.

Tenants: 25+

Locations: Singapore, Australia, Japan, Canada

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Take Action With AI

An open source playground to help everyone in the community make use of AI tools in their productivity workflow.

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Digital Gardening Collective

A platform for tending to the growth and development of ideas over time. Users will be able to publish notes, essays, and more to community digital gardens and to their own personal digital garden.

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By popular demand, we created a way for our community members to support our non-profit organization directly to help us support more people who need knowledge to level up every day, tools to put their learning into action, and community to never struggle alone.

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