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When growth-minded individuals are equipped with systems to take action on their learning, and have a community to support them in their endeavors - they experience drastic life improvements and positively impact the world.

As givers, we believe that true happiness and fulfillment comes from contribution to others. Thus, we co-create and collaborate on projects that solve big challenges affecting our communities in innovative and systematic ways.

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We share unique and interesting content freely, but with your support we can release quality content regularly, work on impactful projects, and provide meaningful and customized perks to supporters who identify strongly with our mission.

As a way to say thank you for supporting us, our patrons get immense value out of their subscription. Unlock access to exclusive new templates, recognition on our wall of love, training to help you level up, behind-the-scenes content, voting power for new content, and much more.

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Whenever you have a break during your busy schedules, check out our Mission Board! It's a special place for our family members to take on small, specific tasks relating to active projects we're working on.

Quests can involve sharing content, writing stories and experiences, testing out new systems, and much more. Upon completion, you'll earn special roles in our community and experience points to level up!

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Let's Impact The World Together

We are always recruiting for talents who want to deliver positive impacts on the world to join our party. Whenever we take on new projects, we look for certain skillsets and talents for the following roles to maximize our chances of success.

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