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Rekindle Your Drive By Setting Boundaries

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7: Boundaries
✍️Conrad Lin
📆 February 4, 2024
⏱️3 minute read


You've worked hard to satisfy your needs and your wants, and the drive to push further seems to have stalled. You're not alone. Many of us reach a point where the fear of pain or the unknown outweighs the desire to take risks. Let's explore how to rekindle your drive by reframing your needs and setting boundaries, not just for survival, but for a fulfilling life.

We Are Satisfied

In the quest for satisfaction, there comes a point where our basic needs—food, shelter, comfort—are abundantly met. It's at this juncture that we encounter the law of diminishing returns: the elusive last stretch of fulfillment that demands more than mere satisfaction. Why continue to strive when the bulk of our desires are already fulfilled?

In our life experience, we learned that we needed to sacrifice to get things that we need and want - our time, money, labour, etc. However, when we already have all the things that we want and need, why do we need to still sacrifice anything?

The answer lies in reorienting our focus from material wants to the needs of the soul.

Overcoming the Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is seductive, but it's also a trap that saps motivation, making the idea of further sacrifice seem unnecessary. If we already possess all we need and want, what more is there to seek? The challenge is to perceive beyond the tangible—to see that fulfillment isn't just about acquiring or achieving, but about becoming.

Shifting to Fulfillment Needs

It isn't easy, but we need to convince ourselves that our fulfillment goals are just as important as our needs and wants. That being our best self and contributing to others is as vital to us as breathing. From changing our goals from having things, or doing things, to being someone. We must focus on internal metrics over external validation, and pursuing tasks that build towards our self-actualization.

Discipline as a Framework

Discipline is the scaffolding upon which we can rebuild our motivation. It provides a framework to channel our energies, not as a means of restriction, but as a form of empowerment. It liberates us to focus on what truly matters, to direct our efforts toward the personal achievements that offer the greatest fulfillment.

Practically, this means that we need to dedicating specific periods to our most meaningful tasks and adhering to them rigorously. You want to feel proud to be able to stick to your timeblocks, becauese it signifies your mind is stronger than your body.

Not Giving Up

It's going to suck. Doing things when we know we don't have to goes against everything we've thought about what this stage of life would be like. Yet, we know deep down that these are the actions that align with our deeper wants - the goals that resonate with who we aspire to be. We persist because we recognize that fulfillment is not just found but forged in the moments we choose to act despite resistance.

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