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We're a community of co-creators and collaborators that want to effect positive change in the world.

David w. Rockmans
senior pastor
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Our mission.

To equip creatives, students, and second winders...

...with knowledge to level up every day, tools to put your learning into action, and a community to never struggle alone.

What Your Family Is Saying...

For people passionate about growth, productivity, and learning.

Simply blown away by this community. Been looking for something like this for years. So excited to be surrounded by a group of high performant like-minded people to learn from and hold me accountable on my habits and goals.
Tamir S.
Entrepreneur • Cape Town, SA
The thing I love most about this community is that I never encounter judgment and I always feel uplifted even when I don't feel great about myself. Thank you all!
Amanda M.
Second Winder • Colorado, US
As a student, I really enjoy the daily accountability and language learning calls. Co-x3 is full of amazing, loving, and productive people who are always online and ready to help if you need it!
Ayden M.
Student • Durban, SA
I greatly admire the fact that you're like a good father who finds time for all of his children, despite working full time. Moreover, considering the size of your community and the tailor-made feedback you give, what you do is pretty out of this world.
Sabrina I.
Creative • Tampere, FI
I always enjoy the friendly environment and goal-oriented atmosphere. Like a sponge, I continuously learn a lot of interesting and inspiring ideas from the community. Thank you so much for leading this great home.
Student • Washington, US
It has been a lovely experience joining and meeting the family. I absolutely love the learning nature of the community. The amount of passion and care everybody puts into this space is absolutely amazing.
Nihit K.
Professional • Brisbane, AU
Here, everybody is so open-minded and interested in improving each other - I'm so happy that I've found a community where we can have meaningful conversations without fear of judgement, and support each other in all ways possible.
Rebecca K.
Professional • Dortmund, Germany
The meetings always give me the inspiration and encouragement I need in my weekly war, offering me plenty of new ideas and opportunities to explore. I really appreciate everybody who show up every week to sincerely learn about my growth journey and how they can help.
Professional • Vancouver, US
Enjoy Meaningful Conversations.

Let's explore topics that matter together. Anywhere. Anytime.

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We have many channels in our community to facilitate innovative ideas and have meaningful conversations. We discuss big topics about productivity, wellness & self-care and philosophy.

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Join co-working channels to study and work together with other like-minded individuals to get the motivation and accountability stuff done.

Get Involved.

We believe happiness is achieved with self-actualization and contribution to others. We are nurturing and growing the largest community of givers and equipping you with the tools to effect positive impacts on the world.

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We share knowledge and best practices about productivity, growth, and learning to help you level up every day.

By the community,
For the community.

Our family is proudly supported by over 500+ patrons who share a passionate desire to live intentionally, make work fun, and establish life control.

It is with your generous support that we can continuously deliver value and grow. Your support means the 🌎 to us, and keeps this project going.

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