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Who We Support

  • Our solutions were built to solve everyday challenges we face.
  • We started by supporting students, creatives, and retirees.
  • Now, we extend our support to both individuals and organizations.

Page Last Updated: April 17, 2024

How Did We Choose Who To Support?

We all tackle personal challenges in our lives, and as we resolve them, we try to support our family and friends. Many of us realized that our challenges were common to many people around the world. This realization sparked an idea: Why not extend these solutions to a wider community?

The best way to help others is to help yourself first, as many of the solutions you build will inevitably help someone like like you. So, we support people like ourselves, as we understand your challenges and want to help you on your growth journey.

Watch the short 5-minute video by our founder to hear a personal story of why Co-x3 means so much to us. 👇

Key Personas We Support

Our organization is tailored to resonate with and uplift the following personas whose journeys we understand intimately:

PersonasHow We Support
StudentsWe empathize with not fitting in to the mold, and not knowing what we should do with our lives.
CreativesWe understand that chasing your passion isn't easy, and there's often no clear map towards success.
RetireesWe know how difficult it can be to re-discover yourself and your passions as you enter retirement.

Expanding Our Impact

As our movement grew, we now extend our support towards both individuals and organizations.

GroupsHow We Support
IndividualsUnderstand yourself, unlock your potential, make positive impact, and live your best life.
EducatorsHelp your students foster emotional self-awareness and guide them to think about thinking.
LeadersCreate a healthy, productive workplace where your team members feel heard and understood.

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