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  • Overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt with the right support.
  • Learn how to kickstart your creative journey with practical tools.
  • Be surrounded by people who get it and want to support your growth.

Page Last Updated: April 17, 2024

Illustration of a creative seated at a desk in front of a laptop, with a bookshelf behind and a plant to the side, in a room with a large window.

Why Creatives?

Creatives are people who believe that they have something to offer the world and want to make a living doing so. We understand that the journey can be hard, fraught with feelings of imposter syndrome and uncertainty about the next step. Our heros often seem unreachable, and larger than life. But the truth is, you have so much to offer, and we want to help you offer what you have to the world.

How Do We Support Creatives?

Understand Yourself

Start your journey by understanding yourself better with the Better Life Framework. Its important for you to figure out what is driving you, so that you know how to orientate yourself to achieve what you actually want in life.

Take The Quiz

Unlock Your Potential

We offer a variety of programs designed to empower creatives at every stage of their journey. Our programs offer ways to organize your creative projects, find your voice, and find like-minded individuals to support them on their growth journey (we especially recommend Our Family Without Borders(opens in a new tab)).

Explore Programs For Creatives

Make Positive Impact

We encourage creatives to get involved by contributing to and collaborating with our community. It's a chance to share your ideas with a community that gets it, and likely has the same pain points that you experience.

While helping others, you'll find people who want to join and support you in your mission.

Change The World With Us


Hear from creatives who have benefitted from our programs:

‍"The people who are part of this community are some of the most curious, ambitious, and collaborative people I have met. I would highly recommend the space and community to anyone looking to surround themselves with great people."

Aseem Thakur, Founder At Give Asia

"I was first introduced to Our Family Without Borders when I visited Singapore for a few months as a student. The Castle provided me with a comfortable and welcoming environment that helped me feel at home right from the start. I learned a lot from the housemates and it was an unforgettable experience that helped me grow and made me think about life in ways that I had never considered before. The housemates were friendly and supportive, and we had many stimulating conversations that broadened my horizons."

馮 Fung, Interactive Artist & Photographer

"My recent stay at Our Family Without Borders was an incredible and unique co-living experience. From business advice to coffee discussions, game development, and countless other topics, I learned a lot during our long dinners and late-night conversations. Sharing meals was a heartwarming gesture that brought us even closer together. The space was not only conducive to productivity but also incredibly comfortable."

Sudharshan Babu, Co-Founder at Periphery Labs

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