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Make A Difference

  • Helping others can be difficult when we don't know how.
  • Mkae positive impact with one-off or occasional contributions.
  • Get recognized and rewarded for your support to programs.

Page Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Why Contribute?

Your contributions, regardless of their size, are immensely valuable to us. We are reinventing what giving back to the community means. We are enabling anyone around the world to contribute towards the development and growth of programs that have helped them in their growth journey.

Whether you have a few minutes or several hours, there's a way for you to contribute.

Benefits To Contributing

Tangible Benefits

Contributors get access to meaningful perks to help them improve their lives. You'll get special roles in our community, access to exclusive events, mentors, behind the scenes content, exclusive tools, and more.

Intangible Benefits

We are committed to showcase and make the efforts you've made visible. Every time you contribute, you will be able to see the impact of the efforts that you've made.

Contributor vs Collaborator?

We want to give everyone the opportunity to make positive impact without a large commitment, so we've opened up opportunities for quick, ad-hoc contributions. When you want to contribute on a more permanent basis, you can apply to be a collaborator.

What Are The Ways I Can Contribute?

Be An AdventurerContribute your time towards programs that help people live better lives.
Be An AdvocateContribute by sharing about the foundation and our programs to those in need.
Be A PatronContribute financially to help the the foundation support more people to live a better life.

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