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Better Life Membership

  • Co-x3 is a space of co-creation and collaboration built for you.
  • Our work has been made 100x better with your thoughtful contributions.
  • Your support means the 🌎 to us, and keeps this project going.

Page Last Updated: April 26, 2024

What Is The Better Life Membership?

We've designed a subscription that follows and supports you throughout your life, as you navigate the different perspectives of The Better Life Framework. We've built a platform that offers you personalized knowledge, tools, and communnity programs as you need it, when you need it.

Why Subscribe?

We share unique and interesting content freely, but with your support we can release quality content regularly, work on impactful projects, and provide meaningful and customized perks to supporters who identify strongly with our mission.

As a way to say thank you for supporting us, our patrons get immense value out of their membership. Unlock access to exclusive new templates, recognition on our wall of love, training to help you level up, behind-the-scenes content, voting power for new content, and much more.

You can support as much as you want per month, and as you increase your amount, the more benefits you unlock.

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We're currently revamping the membership program as we revamp the Co-x3 Toolbox - existing subscribers will be grandfathered into the new plans. We hope to release this in May 2024!


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