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The Evolution Of Wants

  • When we first pursue our wants, we start with what we want to have.
  • Then, once we satisfy our haves, we aim for things to do.
  • Finally, we learn that the infinite game is to pursue who we can be.

Page Last Updated: April 17, 2024

Why The Evolution Of Wants?

Have you ever wondered why, after achieving what you thought you wanted, you still feel unfulfilled? Welcome to the journey of evolving wants. It's somethign that we all go through, but we don't have to be so frustrated if we can understand how our wants evolve, and why that's necessary as we level up.

What Is The Evolution Of Wants?

How It FeelsExciting initially, but often leads to a sense of emptiness.Thrilling and adventurous, but can feel transient.Deeply fulfilling and continuously rewarding.
TypeMaterial possessions and external achievements.Experiences, activities, and adventures.Personal growth, self-improvement, and integration.
ExamplesLuxury cars, designer clothes, large houses.Traveling, skydiving, attending concerts.Developing a new skill, meditating, relationships.


After we handle our basic needs, our desires often revolve around material possessions. It could be a sports car, a house, a perfect partner. They're shiny and new, but soon after they're yours, the excitement fades.

When maintenance becomes a chore, we start to realize that there might be more to life than having material possessions.


Once we satisfy our material wants, our focus shifts to experiences. From skydiving to traveling the world, these adventures provide a thrill that possessions can't. However, even the most exciting activities might leave us longing for something more profound.

There's only so many countries you can visit, experiences that you can have. We start craving for an infinite game.


The most meaningful phase in our journey of wants is 'being'. It's about personal growth, self-improvement, and finding inner peace. This stage is not about external achievements but about becoming the best version of ourselves – a never-ending, infinitely fulfilling pursuit.

How Can I Apply This Into My Life?

Consider creating a vision board that is divided into 3 sections: 'Have', 'Do', and 'Be'. When we balance out our aspirations across these 3 types of wants, we unlock the ability to be kinder to ourselves and pursue the next thing happily, instead of being frustrated and lost when our expectations are unmet. Better yet - we can start focusing on the wants that will provide us a lifetime of happiness sooner, so that we can create the fullfilled lives that we desire.

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