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The Better Life Framework

  • Get a deeper understanding of yourself and others.
  • Explore and read through the descriptions of each perspective.
  • Our reality changes based on our perceptions.

Understand Your Perspective

Page Last Updated: February 29, 2024

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1: Survival

Life is about dealing with my needs and feeling good by getting what I need.

Basic Needs
Basic Drives

2: Dependency

Life is about pleasing others (or the gods) so that they give us what we need.

External Dependence

3: Winning

Life is about getting what I want by taking or creating advantages for myself.

Recognize Wants

4: Belonging

Life is about knowing what's right and what's wrong and making sure others do the right thing, too.

Desire Meaning
Social Conformity

5: Systems

Life is about knowing how to make good things happen, keeping the benefits, and always improving.

Lose Faith
Functional Reasoning

6: Letting Go

Life is about being free to be whoever we are. If we stopped telling others what to do, we would have peace.

System Limitations
Radical Realism

7: Setting Boundaries

Life is about drawing boundaries, saying no is for the best. Who I am and what I want changes often.

Obtain Power
Universal Principles
Enforcing Boundaries

8: Curiosity

Life is an experiment. All we can do is the best that we know, so we should all know more.

Ample Time
Psychological Processes
Intellectual Curiosity

9: Empathy

Life is about learning where and how to shine the light. I am not the main character, I am just the spotlight. What is revealed is what I illuminate.

Unconditional Love
Intersystemic Evolution
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Understand Yourself

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