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Level Up With Conrad

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✍️Conrad Lin
📆 March 3, 2024
⏱️1 minute read

Why Did We Build This?

In the complex game that is life, many people find themselves stuck on a level we can't seem to beat, overwhelmed by challenges and choices. We lack a systematic approach to navigate through life’s quests, leaving us unable to level up and pursue their best self. With a world full of advice yet lacking actionable plans, there's a glaring need for a personalized approach to living a better life.

What Does it Do?

Level Up With Conrad is a 1-on-1 consulting session where we invite community members who are eager to elevate their lives. We delve into their challenges, engaging in empathetic and insightful conversations about their current life stage. Our goal is to facilitate breakthroughs, transforming feelings of helplessness into empowerment and clarity.

We've turned our consulting sessions into a podcast to share these transformative dialogues with a wider audience. Listeners can find resonance and inspiration in the diverse stories and experiences of our guests, gaining the personalized insights they need to level up.

How Does It Work?

We distribute these podcast episodes through all major podcast platforms:


As well as clips on our various social media channels:

Explore our comprehensive collection of podcasts all in one place here: Level Up With Conrad.

Be A Guest: If you want to be on our next episode, fill out this form(opens in a new tab).

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