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Q&A Sessions

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✍️Conrad Lin
📆 February 5, 2024
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Why Did We Build This?

In our journey of sharing and impacting millions, we've encountered a wealth of curiosity and inquiries from our audience. These burning questions reflect a deep engagement with our material and a desire for further exploration.

To address this, we established Q&A (Question & Answers) Sessions as a live, interactive platform. Our goal is to foster a dynamic dialogue, providing you with real-time responses and deepening your understanding of the topics we cover.

What Does it Do?

Q&A Sessions serve as a bridge between our team and the community. These sessions are an opportunity for you to get direct answers to your most pressing questions, engage in meaningful discussions, and gain deeper insights into various topics. We aim to make each session a rich, collaborative experience where learning is a two-way street.

How Does It Work?

We broadcast this livestream on YouTube:

  • @ The Co-x3 Family Foundation.

Submitting Questions: You can submit your questions in advance about anything on the website via the survey link located at the bottom right of each page on our website. This ensures your inquiries are directly related to the topics that interest you most. You can also submit your questions during the live event.

Joining Live Sessions: Tune into our live Q&A sessions to hear your questions addressed in real-time. These sessions are scheduled regularly and are an excellent way to interact directly with our team and the broader community. Subscribe to our events calendar(opens in a new tab) to be notified on the next one!

Accessing Past Sessions: Missed a live session? No problem! We archive each question and answer, allowing you to catch up on discussions and insights at your convenience. Check Out Previous Q&A Sessions.

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