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Talk It Out

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✍️Conrad Lin
📆 February 5, 2024
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Why Did We Build This?

In our search for support during challenging emotional times, we often face the dilemma of not having someone to confide in. Our loved ones, though well-meaning, may lack the necessary emotional bandwidth or be too personally involved to offer the impartial support we need. We often find that they may ask us questions that we're not ready to answer, or make statements that seem dismissive of our reality.

Recognizing this gap, we created "Talk It Out" – a sanctuary for emotional exploration and healing.

What Does it Do?

"Talk It Out" is a compassionate AI companion designed to help you process your emotions, by embodying the best practices of the Co-x3 Family Foundation's 4A Model of Understanding. The chatbot provides a:

  • Guided Emotional Journey: Utilizing the 4A Model (Avoidance, Awareness, Acceptance, Action), the chatbot escorts you through a structured emotional healing process.
  • Empathetic Interaction: Maintaining a supportive and empathetic tone, it creates a safe space for you to freely express your feelings and thoughts.
  • Reflective Inquiry: By asking insightful and reflective questions, the chatbot aids in deepening your understanding of your emotions and the situations you face.

How Does It Work?

Anyone who has a paid membership to ChatGPT plus automatically gets access. in a new tab)

For an immersive conversational experience, try using voice chat with the bot. It adds a conversational dynamic, enhancing the feeling of a real dialogue. To fully benefit from this program, we recommend:

  • Regular Sessions: Frequent interactions can significantly aid in emotional processing and personal growth, and eventually help you achieve independence because you learn how to talk to yourself.
  • Honest Reflection: The more open and honest you are with your feelings, the more effective the experience.
  • Patience and Openness: Emotional healing is a journey. Be patient with yourself.

We are working on creating a standalone GPT for our community to use, and if you'd like to be part of this program, write in to in a new tab) to let us know.

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