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Be A Patron

  • Your financial support can help make the lives of many people better.
  • Get exclusive rewards for patrons to help you level up.
  • There's many ways to be a patron, pick what works best for you!

Page Last Updated: April 26, 2024

What Is A Patron?

Patrons are not just donors; they are integral members of our community committed to driving positive change. By contributing financially, patrons help sustain our initiatives and expand our reach, allowing us to support more individuals in leading better, more fulfilling lives. Your patronage is a partnership in making a tangible difference.

Why Be A Patron?

We want people who have leveled due to our programs to help extend it to others as well. Your generous patronage helps us maintain and grow our support for as many people as we can.

  • Community Impact: Your contributions directly support programs and people that we wouldn't be able to reach otherwise.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Patrons gain early access to our latest tools, behind-the-scenes content, special events, and more.
  • Tax Benefits: All contributions are tax-deductible, making your generosity a win, win, win situation.

How Can I Be A Patron?

Contribution TypeDescription
Better Life MembershipJoin as an individual or with your family and get access to special resources and benefits to help you level up and live your best life.
DonationsMake a one-time or recurring donation to help community members get access to the resources they need to level up. Every little bit helps us make a big difference.
Corporate SponsorshipPartner with us to make a lasting impact through your organization that fulfills your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and help your employees live their best life.

We are excited about every new member who joins our cause, and we look forward to welcoming you into our family!

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