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Be An Adventurer

  • Helping others can be difficult when we don't have an set schedule.
  • We've created fun, engaging ways for our community to complete meaningful one-off or occasional tasks to support our programs.
  • Get recognized and rewarded for your contributions.

Page Last Updated: April 26, 2024

What Is An Adventurer?

When we think about helping others, typically we imagine high-commitment engagements like volunteering at a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or local church. At the Co-x3 Family Foundation, we want to change the game, by gamifying positive contributions to the world. We want to make it easy for you to apply yourself and your unique skillset towards meaningful one-off or occasional tasks to support our programs helping people live better lives.

Why Be An Adventurer?

Your contributions, regardless of their size, are immensely valuable to us. Whether you have a few minutes or several hours, there's a place for you here. Participation in even small, one-off tasks can make a significant impact.

What Benefits Do I Get As An Adventurer?

Adventurers get access to unique gear to help them fulfill their mission, which can be used for personal endeavors as well. This includes free access to productivity tools, automation platforms, and much more.

When you complete tasks, you'll be rewarded publicly and build up stats within the community. If you ever need to share your experience with prospective employers, you'll get a profile with your specific contributions, so they know exactly how you've been helping out the community.

High-performing adventurers may also be offered collaborator roles in the community, opening up opportunities to turn their passions into full-time careers.

How Can I Be An Adventurer?

Step 1: Aspiring Adventurer

  1. Join our community(opens in a new tab).
  2. In the onboarding steps, indicate that you want to make positive impact and you will be assigned a role!


  1. You'll be contacted by an active adventurer in the community to identify your talents.
  2. Be assigned a quest from the recurring quest list that fits your skillset and passions!

Step 2: Choose Your Roles

  1. Once you've fulfilled your quest, you'll have the chance to take the Adventurer's test to determine your roles. Your role will determine what kind of quests would be most suitable for you, and the gear that you need.

You can change your roles throughout your time as an adventurer!

  1. Once you pass the test, you'll get the Adventurer role and be announced in our monthly newsletter.
  2. Every adventurer starts at a ⭐ rank, and you'll rank up as you complete more quests.

Step 3: Active Adventurer

  1. Check out the Quest Board(opens in a new tab) to pick up unique quests that suit your role and rank or pick up recurring quests.
  2. Get your Contributor Resources(opens in a new tab) like free productivity tools, etc.
  3. Do one quest a month to maintain your active adventurer status and keep your benefits!

Recurring Quests

Here are some of the recurring quests that you might be assigned to! We've categorized them by perspectives in the Better Life Framework because holding certain perspectives help you succeed more in certain quests.

AllShare FeedbackProvide your thoughts and suggestions.
Like and SubscribeSupport us on social platforms.
3+Post In Community ChannelsEngage in community discussions.
Bug IdentificationIdentify and report website issues.
Translation ServicesHelp translate our content.⭐⭐
Join As A Podcast GuestJoin our podcast and share your perspective shifts⭐⭐
4+Suggest KnowledgeAdd insights to our knowledge base.
Improve Glossary TermsAdd or edit glossary terms.
Share On Social MediaPromote us on social media.
Design ContributionsImprove our website design.⭐⭐⭐
Host Local MeetupsOrganize meetups for comrades.⭐⭐
5+Suggest ToolsRecommend personal growth tools.
Tool ImprovementAdd enhancements to our existing tools.⭐⭐
Quiz ManagementCreate quizzes for the Co-x3 Foundation.⭐⭐
6+Suggest ExperiencesLead self-awareness initiatives that you would enjoy.⭐⭐⭐
8+Submit ResearchContribute to community research papers.⭐⭐⭐
9+Ambassador ProgramBe our ambassador at events and social gatherings.⭐⭐⭐

Any questions? 🤔 Reach out in our community(opens in a new tab)

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Website last updated: March 4, 2024
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