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Contribute To Our Glossary

  • Our glossary is a dynamic resource that grows with the evolving language of personal development.
  • Your contributions can help ensure our glossary remains a relevant and accurate reference.

Page Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Why A Glossary?

The language of personal development is constantly evolving. We invite you to contribute to keeping our glossary current and comprehensive. Take a look at our existing glossary and see how you can contribute!

Criteria for Glossary Terms

When adding new terms to the glossary, please consider the following criteria:

  • Relevance: Is the term currently relevant and widely used in the context of personal development?
  • Uniqueness: Does the term already exist in the glossary? If so, evaluate the need for a new term.
  • Objectivity: Is the term and its definition presented objectively, without promotional content or subjective opinions?
  • Accuracy: Is the definition precise, clear, and factually correct?
  • Credibility: Are the sources of information credible and well-referenced?

How to Contribute a Term

If you've identified a term that aligns with our criteria and wish to add it to our glossary, please follow these steps:

  1. Create an issue on GitHub(opens in a new tab) detailing your proposed addition.
  2. In your issue, include:
    • The term you're proposing.
    • A comprehensive yet concise definition.
    • Any relevant sources or references.

Your contributions are invaluable in ensuring our glossary remains an up-to-date and reliable resource.

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Website last updated: March 4, 2024
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