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Program Principles

Last edit: @ on April 14, 2024

Why Build Documentation?

Everyone out there is proposing their latest hack or trick to help you improve your life. We want to help you understand the principles behind the programs we share so you have a detailed understanding of how exactly the programs work to improve your life.

By offering a transparent view into our processes, we empower you to not only trust but also comprehend the mechanisms that will assist in your journey towards personal growth and development.

Help Us Build This Repository!

Our documentation is an in-depth guide to understanding and leveraging the principles and methodologies that underpin the Co-x3 Family Foundation's programs.

This is a collaborative effort that thrives on community input. We encourage you to suggest new topics, contribute content, and share examples that you find beneficial.

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Understand Yourself

  • Our Philosophies
  • The Better Life Framework
  • The 4A Model Of Understanding
  • The Evolution Of Wants
  • Test Your Understanding

Our Programs

  • Who We Support
  • For Students
  • For Creatives
  • For Retirees
  • Be Your Best Self
  • Our Programs
  • Knowledge
  • Tools
  • Community
  • Documentation