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Documentation Template

Last edit: @ on April 17, 2024

This template is designed to help you structure your content when creating pages. Try and stick to this structure as best you can. But if you have an idea that doesn't fit in this template, let us know so we can discuss the best way to incorporate it.


A short intro that introduces the topic and explains what the reader should learn.


What should someone know before reading this page?

[Header Name]

The body is the main content on the page, it should explore the topic in detail and show plenty of examples (where appropriate). Break content up into logical sections with clear headings – we don't want this content to feel like a blog post or prose.

If referencing another concept, be sure to explain it or suggest a link for the user to get more information on that topic. If you need to illustrate a point with a picture or diagram, make sure you include a solid description of what your diagram is showing for accessibility reasons.

Feel free to suggest sub-pages: if a topic starts to sprawl we can create sub-pages to make the reading experience better. If there's a way for a user to put what you've taught into practice, try and funnel them into doing that.

See all programs related to XYZ

Notable Mentions

  • Programs that utilize this first principle.


Is there some detail that you don't think is vital but some users may find interesting? Provide links to reading material and references here.

Make sure any article is from a reputable source and include up-to-date info. If the information is really important make sure it's in the page rather than just linking a user to it.
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